Justin Carter–not all speech should be free

A young man the same age as Adam Lanza makes explicitly violent threats on Facebook and then his family cries foul and claims he is just a sarcastic teen?

Troubled at best. What he said was specific, disturbing, and directed at defenseless little children. He should be held accountable and care should be taken to protect little ones in his community. The way this case is handled will influence the way others use and misuse social media. Why should any of us tolerate hate speech against children?

We simply should not.

I hope and pray that prosecutors in this case fully investigate this man’s Internet history as well as how he has treated animals and children. Bullying words define a bully. Why should anyone wait until Mr. Carter chooses to act on words and threats too awful to repeat?

If Justin Carter gets a slap on the wrist, it will be a slap in the face to child advocacy. Our children deserve our protection.