Chilean Abortion Fight

I maintain that it is a significant social crime–a matter of national injustice, that we are advocates for the extermination of the innocent to the neglect of our children.

This article about Chile seems to offer a window into our problem. A young girl is raped for 2 years at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend and…. it is a cause celeb for abortion?!!

First of all–no psychologist worth their salt should ever, ever focus on a “therapeutic abortion” over the profound emotional damage caused by 2 years of systematic rape.

And second–

If this little girl had had access to abortion there is a significant likelihood that her abuser would have pushed for the abortion and the abuse would have continued.

We are all to be shamed and rebuked if the hypothetical “right to choose” subverts the real right for a child to live in safety and get help when she has been raped.

We are worse than animals if we do not comfort, protect, and bring justice for children who have been raped.

And speaking from personal experience–we don’t.

(Where is that Wendy Davis?!)

Any nation should mourn for it’s very soul if it does not protect all the little children–mothers and babes together.