Obama, Rodman, and Kenneth Bae

I never thought I would think so highly of our former presidents.

I am a cynic and not easily impressed by politicians.

But the utter lethargy evinced by our current POTUS in the case of Kenneth Bae defies the ordinary perfidy of our elected o-fficials.

He has doggedly refused to send any emissary to ask for the release of this harmless and well-intentioned American citizen.

And while I privately hold with MIB on the original antics of Dennis Rodman–even a self-respecting extraterrestrial being would have the decency to parlay his coziness with one of the worst despots in modern history to pray for the release of Kenneth Bae.

Someone must pray.

Someone must.

The Kenneth Bae Predicament

Have you heard of Kenneth Bae?

Probably not. Justin Bieber takes up more oxygen in the news world than Mr. Bae. From what I can gather, Bae was a tourist in the hermit kingdom until he was arrested and accused of crimes against the state. His guilt is not in question because torture is the go-to investigative tool of N. Korea and because just setting foot there is cause for the death penalty.

That is right–in North Korea breathing is a capital offense. Everyone is guilty.

I am praying for Kenneth Bae and I am deeply concerned about him. I am afraid no celebrity endorsement from Rodman or Clinton will save him.

But there is something else as well. I am willing to push the metaphysical idea of hell when such a ready example rises to the surface.

Life in North Korea is hell. How can we turn away?