Pirate House

Donning her eye patch 

From the foyer

Of this quiet

suburban domicile

mother spies the place 

Where she will hoist 

The skull-and-crossed bones


of her new-found pirate

Heart.  She shimmies the gutter pipe

Hangs the flag from the gabled roof

Bids the children–

Swab the deck!  Hoist the sail! Board the stern!

Bemused, they do their level best

This ship once an ordinary…


Until Papa returns

Salutes his lawless mate (sailcloth on her makeshift mast

suspiciously similar to 

laundry on the line)

The Jolly Roger, eh? He asks

Surprising unfazed.

Come down, my Pirate Queen
And tell all

Your loyal crew

What hast tha’ plundered for our dinner?