For the Broken

Pretend you are in a boat
Rescued (just barely?)
From a raging sea

Pretend you are cold, bereft, shot through by shock
Broken and gasping
For air

You wonder first
That you are
Alive at all is a miracle

A miracle
Blanket put around your shoulders
Will you ever be free?
Of the cold in your bones to your heart

Love speaks softly
Invading the darkness
Light as a feather
Down for warmth
Waterproof like the sleekwinged
Waterborne bird
You will fly
You will live
You will soar

Blanket of love
Salvation comes from salvage
Latin for to save
Draw from deep water
Back to life again

Like the Once-dead Man rising
Again from the deep
Dragging us with Him
Back to life


The exact wording eludes me–
A search for words
About an eclipse of the sun
Something like
If you want to look directly into the eclipse
Seek professional help

Psychiatric or astronomical?
I wonder
It sticks
As I stagger about
Sunblind like Jocasta
Because I looked directly
At the monstrous darkness
Ringed by blinding light