The Supine Condition

It helps me sometimes, to picture all of us in our sheep costumes, thin elastic chin straps, holding on our faces.

Helps me to remember

We are all sheep

If you don’t count the wolves among us

And all we, like sheep have gone astray

So you will not be the one to forgive my helpless anger

At all the lambs lost to slaughter

While the Shepherd was away.

Daniel and the Ghost


Church at our house is a makeshift, dramatic affair aimed towards the active under 6 set. Today my young son asked to do the story of Daniel and the Ghost.

At first this seemed extra-biblical until
I remembered that there is a decidedly ghostly hand in the story of the hand writing on the wall.

We told it and then re-enacted it with maximum drama, but it was also a quiet reminder–

God, and God alone will weigh our lives. Don’t be found wanting by the one person in the universe whose scales are always just.