Welcome to the Post Christian Era

I once lived in a country without religion.

Yes. There were churches. With cameras and careful supervision.

They knew who came and who went, they controlled each dry scrap of bread.

But were these churches christian? Was this Christianity?

Bells can ring and bells can toll.
We should recognize the difference–a matter of life or death…

The New Yorker Toys With Childhood Icons

It is utterly irresponsible for The New Yorker to co-opt children’s role models and icons for a cover piece about the expanding definition of marriage especially when they like everyone else in media punted over the Kevin Clash scandal.

Who am I kidding? There was no scandal because they did not examine what it means for a touted figure in children’s television to be trolling for teenage sexual partners.

I think they owe my kids an apology. Not because we can’t all deal with what it means for muppets to be hiding a sexual relationship for years (?!?)…No. Because in this case it was not their place to bring a politically motivated sexual dialogue into a place where children play.

A place where we still have not had the courage to speak of what Kevin Clash did to Elmo.

SCOTUS decides on child pornography

This decision is infinitely more important than the DOMA suit.

Let’s see how much press it gets, who weighs in on the issue, and what Justice Kennedy has to say about the honor and dignity of children. Now that he has shown this is an important issue for him: the rights and legal protection of children.

Time to pony up, Your Honor.

Pony up.