The Crisis Pregnancy Center Lie

After being accused of lying, or at least not stopping? lying, I looked it up–were CPCs nefariously posing as abortion clinics in order to dupe the unsuspectingly pregnant into not killing their unborn children?!


Interesting because it has not been my experience that they did that. I went through a CPC training course many, many years ago and was very impressed by the quality of the training. The leaders emphasized that the CPC counselors were there to

  1. Help
  2. Listen
  3. Not impose their own beliefs or agenda

They seemed wise, kind, calm, and their cookies were warm and homemade.

That being said, let us be very straight on this–as far as I can tell (from the internet) not one single human being–ambulatory or prenatal–has ever been deprived of life by the machinations of any Crisis Pregnancy Center.

So perhaps we should ask ourselves this–if your pregnant mother had walked (in crisis) into either a very truthful abortion facilitatory or a very deceptive crisis pregnancy center, which would have given you, the still pre-birthday you, a chance at living long enough to read this blog?

We will all be judge by the sign makers of Auschwitz for we have had the power to speak freely on the behalf of our murdered unborn daughters…

Unwilling or unable to acknowledge which side Harriet Tubman, Corrie Ten Boom, or Anne Frank would take in this brouhaha over deadly truths and life-affirming deceptions.

This Generation of Women and abortion

I am astounded by some women. I have yet to hear an abortion story that did not involve pressure to abort, yet here come the vigilante cowgirls advocating celibacy to pressure the menfolk to let you kill your own babies? Medea would be impressed. Darwin maybe? Jesus not so much.

First, let me make it clear–if you are a pro-choice filly in the state of Texas I absolutely agree-you should definitely go with the celibacy protest.

Last time I checked celibacy was the safest way to not get yourself pregnant. So good work girls. Good thinking!! No sex! No gestation! No abortion!

But here is the deal–all the women in the great state of Texas and in the United States today of child bearing age are alive despite Roe v. Wade. Each one of us could have been an abortion. And some of us survived them.

There are hundreds of women who share the heartbreaking reality of being abortion survivors. They lived despite their mothers’ intentions to kill them.

Look them up. Hear their voices.

And the post-menopausal? Shame on you all, you old fools. Don’t tell me how we should all “make some noise” to kill our children and their children.

You gave us Roe v. Wade. You decimated our kindergarten classes, our playmates. You have indeed had your say, old girls.

And I, for one, am ashamed of your bloodied hands and shameless talk.

Too blind to see it is we ourselves who are dying.