It is a simple enough word
A blanket over me
The cleft of a rock
A bit of plastic tenting
as the storm blows in
These angels,
Fierce angels
Stretch wings of splendor over our history of blood

Turn your head to the side little girl
To the past where we both came from
And imagine for a minute
A world without cover
The shadow of majesty
Passing over us
Leaving us all


I ask him
Do you ever want to eat a
Peanut butter sandwich
Not because you are hungry
But because you are

Yes. He says
And somehow this helps
Not because he is thin
And I am not
Because the loss
The sandwich cannot heal
Must be faced

For years

I have

Had dreams of swimming

Miragy things


The pool will be closed

Or inexplicably elusive

Sometimes I resort to paddling through

The shallows

I interpret these dreams

As desire


To know

That I can find

The girl who like me

Slips through

Both shallows and deeps

The silence and the call

From lacrimal waters