Best Nim Chow in Port Lavaca, Texas…

We have some dear friends who run a wonderful Asian restaurant in Port Lavaca, Texas.

They are originally from Cambodia and for many, many years they have been separated from their older children.

Today I got an amazing and wonderful Mother’s Day gift. I got to meet the whole family!!!!

I am so grateful they have been reunited after years of hard work and waiting.

And if you are in or near Port Lavaca, stop by their restaurant–The Four Seasons. All the food is delicious.

A Christmas Memory

One year after we discovered that our adopted son Charles had abused our children and others we suffered additional blows. More loneliness. Less community.

We had already lost family and close friends, our children’s friends because people treated us as though we were contagious, people we had known for years. The second Christmas brought more loss–from our church.

I went to the grocery store and saw a dear friend from another church. We had a brief conversation in the bread aisle and she saw the pain in my eyes as I told her the short version of our story.

Later that week I was complaining to God–
Why so much pain and loneliness?

I gathered our family and we began to sing Christmas carols. A few minutes later it sounded as though we were not the only singers. We went to our front door to find a group of carolers from my friend’s church singing in front of our house.

My friend was there. She said that after our talk in the bread aisle she felt God telling her to add a stop to their scheduled houses.

I appreciated my friend
I appreciated each singer

But I marvel at this God of Christmas who is able to rebut my loneliness and despair with song. Songs of light in the world.

where the bleep is Ronan Farrow when you need him?

My little one wanted to go to the beach.  His cuteness trumped democracy and we went to the beach instead of the park.

While there we witnessed a bullying incident I would classify as both assault and child abuse.  A group of older children were repeatedly dragging a little boy through the water and pushing his head down under the waves.  He was crying.

When I realized what was going on I yelled for them to stop and asked the people on the shore who was responsible for the teens?  An older woman announced that she was and that the little boy was being justly punished for throwing sand into a teenage girl’s eyes.

I was appalled and shaken.  In any other place I would have immediately called 911.  Here, I am convinced they will not respond.  I took my kids to our van and continued to eye the situation with the abusive family. I filmed the woman briefly and attracted her threats and fury.  I did report the incident to the police but am unconvinced I did enough.  I should have begun filming immediately and called 911 immediately.  I think now that I should have waded into the water to physically intervene and asked the boy directly if he needed physical shelter.  I should have stayed with him and insisted on intervention.

It was not enough.  And now I will be forever haunted by a little boy, helpless among his own.

note-this had another name in the title, I changed it to a guy I do actually think is pretty heroic