Why Facebook needs an “ugh” button…

The story circulates and re-circulates but the video never should: two men taped themselves abusing a child a decade ago and this week it goes viral on Facebook?!

Why would anyone “Like” that?!

Why would thousands repost it?

While I am glad people have reported the video, I would prefer it had not been viewed or more than that, made.

No one should do that to a child. And we are no longer a civilized nation if we promote child abuse on social media or do nothing to stop it.

Anyone who helps who spreads child pornography should face charges.

But of course, they won’t.

Where is the equal sign for children?

The New America

It has been over a week since the election and I continue to be shocked by the animosity in our political dialogue.

I recently read about a man who had told his four year old that people from the opposing party were brain damaged. I was not sure what shocked me more–that she was so young or that he was using brain damage as an epithet.

Other egregious examples: any racial insinuations, wrangling about birth certificates, and in general personal attacks against people who you disagree with on public issues.

Something terrible has happened to our political discourse. We treat opposing political viewpoints like mascots for football teams and then we elevate those teams to a status they have neither earned nor deserve. Then we vilify the opposing team.

This hurts us all, but no one more than our children. We justify bullying and prejudice in the name of political parties which have done nothing to earn our allegiance and we begin to view our neighbors as enemies?

Dangerous. We all need to work together–somehow.

To quote a beloved Carson McCuller’s title–the life you save may be your own.