Kicked off the ranch part 2

It is a basic tenet of writing lists–of you have a part one you have to have a part 2.

So this is it:  how I went from dragging my kids to the Texas Ski Ranch every day –to-how I was told to leave no matter what.

First, the bikini contest-reminiscent of nothing more than a stock show.  A stock show to sell price inflated Corona?! Treating beautiful young women like commodities?

Then there were the poorly attended juvenile detention peeps.

And last there were falling ropes.  It seemed to be clear that either through operator negligence or rope defect the ropes were separating from the wooden handles–off the dock, in mid-air, on structures riders were falling because their ropes had failed them.

Safety has to be a paramount concern in extreme sports.  When it is not taken seriously, people get hurt.

So that is how I was kicked off the ranch.  But just as interesting as that is the waiver that TSR and Springloaded require participants to sign.

Worth careful perusal.

In my Father’s House

There is a camp that we go to every summer.  The kids love it.  Years ago it taught me about heaven–

Beautiful place/people kind, generous, helpful/full of joy/few there are afraid to be childlike/exuberant

Good dancing/food/music

This year we brought home a bug which is now besetting my 4 yr old

When he threw up at 2 am he apologized

My poor darling.

I told him that was why I am here.  No problem.  I love him.  I got it.

Jesus said in his Father’s house there are many mansions

Which is not an odd thing for a Carpenter God to say, but a very odd thing for a homeless non-materialist.  Like many things He says it illuminates when a person walks behind Him.

He means shelters



He means God giving us His own

Beautiful Heart