I told you

This was a two-part answer

Ironically framed

By the disembodied voice 

Selling cars in the next room

It’s like calling

A cathedral 

A room with four walls

And a ceiling


I think as I finish

Stuffing variegated laundry

Into the high efficiency machine

That is true

You my darling 

Are no mere room

With four walls and a ceiling 

You are a cathedral 

And should be treated as such

Tear down this temple

And I will raise it again in three 


He said

Evoking all

The foundations in the womb

Baby pictures and toothy grins

Girls whose smiles light up the room

Do not be content to be

Measured the way a man will

Span an ordinary room

Know instead 

It takes a lifetime and a fortune

To raise the extraordinary 


Flying buttresses

Stained glass windows

Columns and impossible


All to the altar

Rising incense

Gaze of the Infinite


Flowers in her hair

nostalgia is no good 

When the pretty back flip you 

Executed clean off the kicker

Is called a tantrum

And the suit this party


Will not cover

The girl who was twelve yesterday

Six a minute ago

Now at least 18

Still not old enough for legal margaritas

Which was always just another name for daisies

Can you see

The pretty, young girls

All in a row?

Tutus and princess tiaras/

Flowers in her hair