Flowers in her hair

nostalgia is no good 

When the pretty back flip you 

Executed clean off the kicker

Is called a tantrum

And the suit this party


Will not cover

The girl who was twelve yesterday

Six a minute ago

Now at least 18

Still not old enough for legal margaritas

Which was always just another name for daisies

Can you see

The pretty, young girls

All in a row?

Tutus and princess tiaras/

Flowers in her hair

The cool mom’s club

Someone I have never met before came up to me today and said, you must be the cool mom.

A wonderful compliment, undeserved…

When she said it I thought several things at once–
I want to get to know this lady better.

I wonder if she would still think I was cool if she knew my whole awful story?

And maniacal laugh…I am about to go make a fool of myself on a dock for 2 hours. I will not look cool.

But there is something cool in not accepting failure and there is something cool in public humiliation for a good reason.

Perseverance is cool. Not giving up is cool.

Most of the time it is lonely and many times the stakes are way too high, so I am grateful for my patient community.

One day I may master things even harder than launching off a dock at 20 mph.

That will be cool, and I will know exactly who to thank.